Song of the day: Sweetchuck – "Dude You Can Do That"

November 11, 2011

Yesterday’s Song of the day was a new one by The Wellingtons, led by one Zac Anthony (Hi, Zac!).

Zac may not like this, but I’m going to dredge up a part of his musical past.

Before Zac became a Wellington, he was the drummer and one of two main vocalists in a band called Sweetchuck. The band only ever released one EP (in 2003).

As far as I can tell – and unless Zac sends me an irate message telling me otherwise – the following track is the earliest instance of “Wellington Zac” (rhymes with “Saucy Jack“) singing on a commercial recording:

Sweetchuck – “Dude You Can Do That” (2003)


Incidentally, when I went looking for information about the band I found out five things:

  1. According to this 2002 interview, Sweetchuck is named after a cartoon character that was never designed. The band apparently didn’t name itself after a character in the Police Academy movies.

  3. Sweetchuck used to have a website ( and a message board. The website’s gone but the message board still exists. I don’t know why.

  5. Sweetchuck wanted to reform last year.

  7. There’s a Swedish band called Sweetchuck.

  9. There’s a band called Sweetchuck in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Their MySpace page address is possibly overly confident:

Sweetchuck at the National Library of Australia