Song of the day: Field Music – "Terrapin"

October 13, 2012

My favourite active band of the 21st century, Field Music, recently released an album of covers entitled Field Music Play…. Like any music fan getting unnaturally excited about their favourite band releasing new music, I pounced on it when I found out about the little beastie. I discovered only later that the album was a limited-edition thing – it was limited to 1,000 pressings. (I was glad that I bought mine when I did because there were 97 left at the time. Phew. The band says on their website that “we are sad to say that it has sold out”. I’d prefer them to say “we are happy to say we sold all the copies we had.”)

Anyway, this rambling about Field Music isn’t getting you to hear the track I want you to hear.

One of the songs the band tackled is Syd Barrett‘s “Terrapin“. I think it’s a splendid version (I may be biased):

Field Music – “Terrapin (2012)

Here’s the original for comparison in case you’re in a comparisonin’ mood:

Syd Barrett – “Terrapin (1969)


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