Song of the day: The Terrifieds – "Sounds Like Goodbye"

March 16, 2013

Tomas Dahl is a musician I’ve played to you before (when he was in a band called The Evil Eye, and an older one called Caddy, where Tomas was the band).

Tomas has told me of his latest exploits, and they involve recording music in a band called The Terrifieds. In this band, Tomas is the drummer.

The aforementioned Terrifieds have released an album I haven’t heard, but Tomas told me about one of their new songs. It’s described as:

“The first single from their second album, Critical Care. The album is released worldwide, on Astma Records, March 22nd.

A song about alcoholism with a picture of a bunny on the cover. Aaaaah, The Terrifieds.”


More please.