Song of the day: That Petrol Emotion – "Hey Venus"

February 19, 2011

I was over yonder at the Power Population blog (Hi, PP!) the other day, and a recent post featured Chemicrazy, an album by Irish band That Petrol Emotion. I was surprised to see it mentioned on a blog, or anywhere else for that matter, because I must admit that I felt like I* was the only person to have bought that album when it was released in 1990.

Anyway, the text of the post contained:

Had I not heard “Hey Venus” before I saw this cover, I’d never have thought to pick this one up so long ago. Don’t judge this one by it’s cover. The cover makes you think it’s a punk rock thing, but it’s pretty much powerpop. “Hey Venus” even reminds me a little of Squeeze. I’m out of free space on Divshare, so I can’t give you a preview of it…

I read that and thought, “I can help PP out there.”

So, in the interests of furthering Power Population’s cause…

That Petrol Emotion – “Hey Venus” (1990)


As a bonus, here a couple of other sterling tracks from the album.

First, the very dB’s-ish “Sensitize”:

That Petrol Emotion – “Sensitize” (1990)


And then the wonderfully atmospheric “Mess Of Words”:

That Petrol Emotion – “Mess Of Words” (1990)


(*That particular sentence had four instances of the word “I” in it. Four. That is shockingly egotistical. I’m sorry about that.**)

(**There I go again: “I’m sorry about that.” Talk about having tickets on yourself.)