Educating Peter # 27

December 23, 2012

This week, in honour of it being a Christmassy time of year, Michael has suggested “Thanks For Christmas”, the Christmas song by XTC under the guise of The Three Wise Men.

I’m in a bit of a quandary about this post, because it’s going to be short. One of the reasons for its brevity is that I like the song, and can’t think of anything critical to say about it.

Actually, there’s one thing I don’t like about it: the sound of the snare drum at the start of the song.

And that’s it.

Ah well. Here we go…

The Three Wise Men – “Thanks For Christmas” (1983)


0:00-3:50 – Very nice.


By the way, “Thanks For Christmas” was released on the Virgin Records label. Here’s Virgin’s press release for it so I can help make this post appear longer than it really is:


Three Wise Men turn up on Virgin, not Mary, but Records

“On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree … “

Yes, Virgin enters into the festive spirit with this seasonal offering, ‘Thanks for Christmas’ by The Three Wise Men. The song was penned by well-known writing team Kaspar/Melchior/Balthazar, the Far East’s answer to Holland/Dozier/Holland. Production was by The Three Wise Men and the Good Lord himself. (released Nov 21st Virgin VS642)

Not surprisingly, the release hits the decks shrouded in mystery, intrigue and much speculation. The ‘What’s On In Bethlehem’-style sleeve may well proclaim ‘The Three Wise Men’, but this non-de-plume cunningly conceals the identity of one of Virgin’s top pop groups! Not that we’re telling you which band. Could it be Culture Club, Human League, Heaven 17, China Crisis or even Slapp Happy? Over to you! Just good clean Virgin fun to keep you guessing right into the New Year. It’s certainly countdown to Christmas party time. Cheers!

November 10th 1983

(Pinched from the Chalkhills and Children website.)