Song of the day: Thump’n Pig and Puff’n Billy – "Captain Straightman"

November 2, 2009

It’s time for some boogie, Billy Thorpe-style…

Here are Thump’n Pig and Puff’n Billy with “Captain Straightman” (1973), a song built around not much more than a great riff:


Sometimes a great riff is all you need.

Thump’n Pig and Puff’n Billy was* the alter-ego of Billy Thorpe and Warren “Pig” Morgan with backing by The Aztecs, the band they were both in at the time. Considering it’s basically a full Aztecs recording, I don’t quite know why they decided to release the song (and an album) under the name “Thump’n Pig and Puff’n Billy.” It was the Seventies, so maybe certain chemicals were involved in the decision-making process…

It’s still a great riff, though.

(*Or is that “were”? What’s the correct grammar here?)