Song of the day: Tommy Emmanuel – "A Old Fashioned Love Song"

June 22, 2012

I had planned on getting back to playing you rockin’ power-poppin’ songs on this ol’ blog, but I spotted the following video on my brother’s Facebook Wall (Hi, Anthony!) and found it so enjoyable that I had to take it from there and put it here.

Tommy Emmanuel – “A Old Fashioned Love Song (2001)


Here’s the original version:

Three Dog Night – “An Old Fashioned Love Song (1971)

[Trivia for bass players: Bassist Joe Schermie hits a bum note at 1:52.]

And here’s the chap who wrote it:

Paul Williams – “An Old Fashioned Love Song (1971)


Incidentally, if you’re interested in a bit more of Tommy Emmanuel and his dextrous fingers, get a load of his version of The Beatles‘ “Michelle“:

And the original:

The Beatles – “Michelle (1965)