Song of the day: Barry Crocker – "Susie Darlin’"

September 9, 2010

Today’s song is weird. It’s by Barry Crocker, an all-round performer who’s done pretty much everything in the Australian entertainment industry: acting; singing; hosting his own TV variety shows etc.

The weird thing is that Barry, a man firmly established in Australia as a well-known actor and cabaret performer par excellence, recorded a reworked version of a 50’s song, “Susie Darlin'”, in 1973. Instead of releasing a big belting ballad or a jazz standard that reflected the work he was doing at the time in cabaret (think Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett in a Las Vegas lounge), Barry released a single that sounded like Alvin Stardust singing a George Harrison song. It was weird:

Barry Crocker – “Susie Darlin'” (1973)


It was weird when I was 12 (when I first heard it), and it’s still weird.

Sorry about overusing the word “weird” in this post (as I did the other day with “magnificent”), but that’s what today’s song is: weird.

Weird fact: the background vocalists are Olivia Newton-John and Pat Carroll. And they’re unrecognisable.

I’ll stop using the word “weird” now.

Here’s the original version:

Robin Luke – “Susie Darlin'” (1958)


And here’s a version by 50’s heart-throb Tommy Roe:

Tommy Roe – “Susie Darlin'” (1962)


Were you yearning to hear “Susie Darlin'” in German? No problem – here’s Tommy Kent to satisfy your Wunsch:

Tommy Kent – “Susie Darlin'” (1958)


And popular Hong Kong performer Joe Junior has also recorded it – but not in German:

Joe Junior – “Susie Darlin'” (1974)

Barry Crocker official website