Musical coincidences # 82

February 17, 2011

English performer Tony Rivers (Hi, Tony!) recently mentioned on his Facebook page that “Girl Don’t Tell Me“, a song recorded by him (and The Castaways) in 1966, appears in the book 500 Lost Gems Of The Sixties. That got me interested in hearing it. (Who wouldn’t want to hear a lost gem?)

I enjoyed the song, but tacked on at the end – after last chorus and before the fade-out – was a tune unrelated to the rest of the song:

Tony Rivers & The Castaways – “Girl Don’t Tell Me (1966) (the bit at the end)


I thought it pretty audacious putting that particular tune in the song (even snuck in at the end), considering…

The Four Seasons – “Walk Like A Man (1963) (opening melody)


“Girl Don’t Tell Me” was written by Brian Wilson and released by The Beach Boys in 1965. I thought that maybe Brian consciously put that tune in his song as an homage to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, but that tune at the end of Tony & The C’s version doesn’t appear at all in the Beach Boys original. Very odd.

Anyway, here are the full versions:

Tony Rivers & The Castaways – “Girl Don’t Tell Me (1966)


The Beach Boys – “Girl Don’t Tell Me (1965)


The Four Seasons – “Walk Like A Man (1963)


Tony Rivers official website

The Beach Boys official website