Musical coincidences # 288

August 22, 2012

It’s amazing where you can end up on the Internet when all you want to do is watch a YouTube video. After what I thought was going to be quick and easy looking for a particular video on YouTube, I looked at it, then something else, and then something else again, and then something else after that as well. All of those other videos had nothing to do with what I originally wanted to look at. (Do people ever say the Internet can waste your time?)

Anyway, for some unknown reason (well, it’s unknown to me) I ended up watching a heap of videos. The last one I watched before it prompted me to write this post was of a Macedonian pop song. As I was listening, I noticed a tune in it that sounded very reminiscent of something extreme popular in the Anglo pop world.

Here we go:

Toše Proeski – “Krajnje Vreme” (2004) (excerpt)


Oasis – “Wonderwall (1995) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Toše Proeski – “Krajnje Vreme” (2004)


Oasis – “Wonderwall (1995)