Song of the day: Ashton, Gardner and Dyke – "Resurrection Shuffle"

July 21, 2010

Yesterday’s song was a cover of “He’s Gonna Step On You Again” (thanks for the suggestion, Googs!). The original version was recorded in 1971, and hearing it again got me in the mood for another track from that year:

Ashton, Gardner and Dyke – “Resurrection Shuffle” (1971)


I like 1971.

There are plenty of covers versions of this splendid little ditty. In amongst the squillions of very ordinary ones I listened to for this post (oh, the sacrifice!), I did manage to find a few interesting ones.

Firstly, there’s an Australian version. Jimmy Barnes teamed up with fellow Australian band, The Living End, on Jimmy’s duets album Double Happiness (2005) and recorded a fairly frisky version:


Next up, we have Tom Jones belting it out as only Tom Jones can:

Tom Jones – “Resurrection Shuffle” (1971)


Moving further afield, here’s Slovak big band dude Braňo Hronec & His Orchestra:

Braňo Hronec & His Orchestra – “Resurrection Shuffle” (1972)


And finally, my favourite cover version of the song. It’s by Troy Torino, a metal band from The Netherlands:

Troy Torino – “Resurrection Shuffle” (2008)