Musical coincidences # 346

December 12, 2012

This is a tiny, tiny coincidence, and I didn’t deem it terribly blog-worthy, but for the last couple of months it’s been nagging at me, with a little voice whispering in my ear: “Put it on the blog, Peter. Put it on the blog…”

So now I’m at the “Tell-Tale Heart” stage and think that if I don’t put it on the blog, I’m going to keep hearing that voice in my head telling me to. I don’t want to keep hearing that voice.

Over at the PowerPop blog in October, my friend Steve Smiles (Hi, Steve!) posted a song by the Shoes from their new album, Ignition. The song is “Head Vs Heart”.

I’ll get to that Shoes song shortly, but I want you to hear this first. It’s the beginning of “Calling All Destroyers” by Tsar:

Tsar – “Calling All Destroyers” (2000) (excerpt)


The part of that I’d like you to have in your head is just the first three notes, and how their phrased (i.e., the rhythm of those three notes). Please play that excerpt as many times as you can stand, so that the combination of those first three notes and the phrasing get stuck in your head.

Now we get to the tiny, tiny coincidence. (Yep. All this for three notes.)

If you lower the key for the vocals, I think you’ll have something a little like this part of the Shoes song I mentioned all those paragraphs ago:

Shoes – “Head Vs Heart (2012) (excerpt)


And that’s been nagging me for two months.

Here are the full versions:

Tsar – “Calling All Destroyers” (2000)


Shoes – “Head Vs Heart (2012)

Song of the day: Tsar – "Police Station"

September 16, 2012

Well, here’s some mighty decent news…

For some reason completely unknown to me, I received an email from a band I thought had been long gone. The band is Tsar, and the email was bizarre because after releasing a great* album in 2000 and a not-so-great* follow-up in 2005, Tsar disappeared, apparently never to be heard of again. But they have a new EP entitled The Dark Stuff. I don’t know if it’s been released yet or not.

Hang on, I’ll read all of the email…

Hmm. It’s a bit vague. The email says this:

In September of 2012 TSAR will release its first new material in seven years in the form of the 5-song “The Dark Stuff EP”. The video for the first single, “Police Station,” was released in late August.

OK. Well, whether it’s been released or not here’s the first song from it:

Tsar – “Police Station (2012)
Tsar – Police Station by buzzbands

Buy The Dark Stuff EP from Storenvy
Buy The Dark Stuff EP from iTunes
Buy The Dark Stuff EP from
Buy The Dark Stuff EP from ONErpm
Buy The Dark Stuff EP at

(*That’s purely my opinion. If you’re familiar with the albums you may have an entirely different view of them.)

Song of the day: Tsar – "I Don’t Wanna Break-Up"

May 21, 2011

I know that today’s song is not from Australia, but dagnabit* I’m really in the mood to listen to it – and very loudly:

Tsar – “I Don’t Wanna Break-Up” (2000)

That splendid piece of oomph appears on Tsar’s self-titled debut album (2000), something well worth buying for about 67c at Admittedly that’s secondhand, but you can buy it new for $4.49. Either way, you certainly get your money’s worth.

Tsar on MySpace

(*Sorry about swearing there.)

Song of the day: Tsar – "The Teen Wizards"

August 11, 2010

Here’s Californian band Tsar with the tender ballad “The Teen Wizards” (2000) – but before you press “play”, a warning: the singer swears rather pointlessly at the 25-second mark (why swear in a tender ballad?). Now, on with the song…

Tsar – “The Teen Wizards” (2000)


“The Teen Wizards” appears on Tsar’s self-titled debut album (2000).

Tsar on MySpace

Song of the day: Tsar – "Calling All Destroyers"

October 20, 2009

It’s been a while since I: a) played you a non-Australian song; and b) cranked it up. So I thought I’d do both and present you with Californian band Tsar and “Calling All Destroyers” from their self-titled debut album (2000):

Tsar – “Calling All Destroyers” (2000)


Tsar’s debut album sounds like it was made by a group of upstarts with attitude to spare. “Self-confident” doesn’t begin to describe them. The music’s a fabulous concoction of power pop, hard rock, and glam. The album is the equivalent of a bunch of super-enthusiastic and fun-loving teenagers crashing a party and shouting “Here we are!” And, like the perfect party guest, they know when to leave, as the album clocks in at only 36 minutes. If you like your power pop from the heavier end of town (e.g., Cheap Trick), I reckon you’ll like Tsar.

Unfortunately, I found Tsar’s second album disappointing (a combination of ordinary songs and nowhere near as much fun as the debut). Ah, well. At least the first album is still available to tickle the ears and get the adrenalin going enough to make you want to crash a party.

As a bonus, here are a couple of other songs from the album:

Tsar – “Kathy Fong Is The Bomb” (2000)


Tsar – “Silver Shifter” (2000)


Tsar on MySpace