Song of the day: The Twilights – "What’s Wrong With The Way I Live"

January 21, 2010

Here are The Twilights asking the perfectly reasonable question:

The Twilights – “What’s Wrong With The Way I Live” (1967)


And here are The Hollies who wanted to know the same thing (but they asked first):

The Hollies – “What’s Wrong With The Way I Live?” (1966)


Unless you can tell me the difference between the two, that version by The Twilights is identical to the original – same tempo, same key, same instrumentation (right down to the banjo), and even the same harmonies. (Yes, there are different people singing, but it’s the same.)

It’s all the same.


And what is wrong with the way they live?

Song of the day: The Twilights – "Needle In A Haystack"

October 6, 2009

Here are The Twilights, one of the best “Australia’s-answer-to-The-Beatles“* bands from the 60’s, with “Needle In A Haystack” (1966):


I was shocked to discover much, much later that the song wasn’t written by The Twilights. I’d always grooved to this as a young whipper snapper, never realising that it was a cover version.

Here’s the original by Motown girl-group, The Velvelettes:

The Velvelettes – “Needle In A Haystack” (1964)


Although the original by The Velvelettes is a great piece of Motown, I reckon the cover is a great bit of Merseybeat.

(*Just about every country the world had their own answer to The Beatles in the 60’s – in Australia it was The Easybeats followed by The Twilights and then a dozen other bands – which reminds me to play you something by Los Shakers tomorrow. They were the Uruguayan Beatles, and they were great.)