Song of the day: Ray Brown And The Whispers – "(Ain’t It) Strange"

May 31, 2012

I heard today’s song on the radio yesterday and thought:

“I like that. I’d like it on the blog so other people can like it, too. Or they may not like it. Never mind. Beat music from the Sixties isn’t to everyone’s taste. So there’s no guarantee that whoever listens to is going to think it’s as groovy as I do. But that’s OK. You can’t expect everyone to like what you put on the blog. And another thing: Why are you having this silly internal conversation?”

Ray Brown And The Whispers – “(Ain’t It) Strange (1966)


And here’s the original:

The Uniques – “Strange (1966)


I’d like to state for the record* that I think “The Uniques” is a great name for a 1960s band.

(*Pun unfortunately intended.)