Song of the day: Utopia – "Play This Game"

February 22, 2011

As you know, this is supposedly an Australian power pop blog. Supposedly. As you may also know, I occasionally veer off into decidedly different directions. This occurs for a variety of reasons (“I’m easily distracted” would be near the top of the list), and I’m afraid that today is another one of those veering-off days.

Here’s non-Australian band Utopia with the excellent* first track on their dreadful* album POV:

Utopia – “Play This Game” (1985)


Chronic album buyer confession time: I bought the album in 1985 purely for that song. I heard “Play This Game” playing over the loudspeakers in a record store (remember them?) when the album was released and loved the song so much after just one hearing that I plonked down the money for the album there and then without hearing a note of any of the other tracks. When I got home and played the whole album, my heart sank. I was aghast at how much I adored “Play This Game” and how much I abhorred the other tracks. Ah, well. C’est la vie. But I still think “Play This Game” is great.

(*To me, that is. You may have opposing views about the song and album.)

Song of the day: Utopia – "I Just Want To Touch You"

February 24, 2010

Here’s Utopia with the magnificent Beatles tribute/homage/rip-off, “I Just Want To Touch You” (1980):


“I Just Want To Touch You” appears on Deface The Music, an album that cheerfully plunders the entire Beatles catalogue. Deface The Music is my second-favourite Beatles tribute/homage/rip-off ever.

As a bonus, and to let you know how good great I think the album is, here are some more tracks from it:

Utopia – “Where Does The World Go To Hide” (1980)


Utopia – “That’s Not Right” (1980)


Utopia – “Take It Home” (1980)