Song of the day: The Valery Trails – "This Town"

February 3, 2012

I’ve been asked to review an album.

Now, before you run away screaming (“Oh no, it’s gonna be one of those horribly long posts again! I can’t read them! They’re too long! Life’s too short!” etc), I want to reassure you that I’m going to exercise as much restraint as I can and make this ‘review’ mercifully concise. (Well, as concise as it can be despite a pointless couple of paragraphs starting it.)

Sean Bower (Hi, Sean!) is the bass player from Grand Atlantic, and he’s the gentleman who rashly asked me to listen to an album that he and his musical buddies* made.

(*Typo confession: I had originally and accidentally typed “biddies”, then corrected it, then laughed as I thought of “musical biddies”, then started wondering if I should keep it as musical biddies, then started typing this sentence… Get back to the review, Peter.)

Sean and his musical biddies call themselves The Valery Trails, and their album is Ghost and Gravity. Sean said:

“The Valery Trails is a band made up of my brother Andrew who is the principal songwriter and lives in Houston (USA), along with myself and Dan McNaulty (We All Want To). The album was recorded in Houston TX and Brisbane before being mixed in Dunedin NZ.”

There’s a press release if you want to know more about this globetrotting band.

I’m very pleased to say that I can sum up this album in less than 5,000 words. I can actually sum it up in two words:

“It’s moody.”

That’s my short review. Here’s a slightly longer review:

“It’s a moody album by one of the dudes in Grand Atlantic. I thought the singing was a bit dreary, but I liked the songs.”

Here’s the album:

(Recommended: Track 2)

I did it! A short review! Yay!


Suggested band names using the letters of “The Valery Trails”:

Hairstyle Travel
Arrival The Style
Hearsay Vet Trill
Athletes Rivalry
Retreat Lavishly
Lateral Hives Try
Ashtray Eve Trill
Travail The Lyres
Larval Heist Tyre
Astral Every Hilt

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