Musical coincidences # 159

December 12, 2011

I don’t know if I’m going to get into trouble (copyright-wise) for this one, because the newer track (Vanessa Amaorosi‘s “Amazing“) was incredibly difficult to grab. I couldn’t find an MP3 of it – anywhere – so I ended up having to extract the audio from a YouTube video of the beastie. To minimise the possibility of any legal non-niceties, I’ll just play you excerpts of that unfindable song.

There’s a vocal hook in “Amazing”, and it occurs five times during the course of the song. I’ve cobbled them all together so you can get familiar with it:

Vanessa Amorosi – “Amazing (2011) (excerpts)


To me, that sounded an awful lot like:

Spandau Ballet – “True (1983) (excerpt)


Here’s the full versions:

Spandau Ballet – “True (1983)