Musical coincidences # 17

August 14, 2009

In Kate Ceberano‘s “Pash” (1997), there’s a little instrumental bit played on a trumpet that pops up regularly in the song. Here’s one instance of it:


Now here’s a bit of War‘s impossibly cool “Low Rider” (1975):


That’s probably a coincidence.

Here are the full versions of each song:

Kate Ceberano – “Pash” (1997)


I’d never paid much attention to the lyrics of “Pash” before. Listening to the song again, I’m not glad that I paid attention this time. Kate sings at one point that she wants to “crawl into your mouth.” No, thank you, Kate.

War – “Low Rider” (1975)


Whenever I listen to “Low Rider” I want to put on a pair of sunglasses and say, in the deepest voice imaginable: “Oh, yeah.”