Song of the day: Warumpi Band – "Blackfella/Whitefella"

October 11, 2009

Here’s the Warumpi Band with “Blackfella/Whitefella” (1984):


Musically, to me it sounds like it could qualify as an Antipodean “Love Lies Bleeding,” as it shares the sound of A minor, C, G, and F played around an open G string, which is a sound I love. (As well as the actual sound of the guitar in “Blackfella/Whitefella.”)

Here’s Elton John‘s epic “Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” (1973) for comparison. The open G string marvellousness happens at 5:39 (and I love the sound of that guitar, too):


I reckon there’s not enough of a similarity between the two songs to warrant whisking “Blackfella/Whitefella” away from Song of the day and putting it in a soon-to-be-forgotten Musical coincidence. No, “Blackfella/Whitefella” deserves to stand proudly as today’s Song of the day. ‘Cause it’s a good song.