Song of the day: What,Really? – "Ophelia (Among The Flowers)"

March 9, 2013

I received an email from a chap called Matteo (Hi, Matteo!) who is a member of an Italian band called What,Really?.

Mattheo pointed me in the direction of an EP containing four songs the band recorded. These four songs:

What,Really?What,Really? (2013)

I didn’t mind them at all. (Except for the galloping hi-hats in tracks 3, “Ninja Expert“. I wasn’t especially fond of those cymbals going “ts-ts-ts-ts-ts-ts…” at breakneck speed.)

Coincidences The Band May Not Want Me To Mention

I don’t know how the band feels about this, but when I listened to the first two songs I found myself thinking of a couple of other songs not by them.

For example, this part of “Ophelia (Among The Flowers)“…

What,Really? – “Ophelia (Among The Flowers) (2013) (excerpt)


…reminded me of this:

Modern English – “I Melt With You (1982) (edited excerpt)


And a little guitar part in “Dandy Hobo”…

What,Really? – “Dandy Hobo (2013) (excerpt)


…reminded me of a similar guitar part in XTC‘s “Generals And Majors”:

XTC – “Generals And Majors” (1980) (excerpt)


(I won’t present you with the full versions of those non-What,Really? songs – this is a post about Matteo’s band after all – but if you want to hear them, they’re over at YouTube: Modern English here; and XTC here.)

Thanks, Matteo, for letting me know about yer band.