Educating Peter # 41

March 31, 2013

This week Michael has sent me an exceedingly obscure song. Despite Michael’s mightily impressive knowledge of 1980s songs, he told me knew nothing about it apart from its name.

The song is “Cos You’re Not”, and it’s by The White Lines.

This is the only information I could find about the elusive “Cos You’re Not”:

“From Dearborn- Michigan, The White Lines was a quartet combo featuring Joe Kidd, recorded this single on Automotive Records (Roseville, Michigan). Marvelous fractured pop song, 60’s voices-tradition, a sunny familiar tune.”


The White Lines – “Cos You’re Not” (1980)


I had a listen to the song, and was underwhelmed in a major way. Then I had another listen to it.

Unfortunately, after listening to it twice I couldn’t think of much to say about it, because I found it all so… ordinary.

Instead of delving into every audible nook and cranny, I’m just going to jot down some random notes as I listen to it for a third time.

(Disclaimer: In an effort to remind you that I’m not The Arbiter Of All Music And Everything I Say Is Music Law, every comment in the list should be prefaced with “I think…”)

  • A couple of the tunes are mildly catchy.
  • The singing’s ordinary.
  • The drumming’s too busy.
  • That’s an anaemic guitar solo (1:37-2:06).
  • This song is very ordinary. (I already used the word “ordinary” earlier. Sorry about repeating myself. I hate repeating myself.)

I can’t really think of much else to say.

I think I can see why Michael likes it, though. I think the song is likeable, and has elements (e.g., a couple of hummable tunes, singing with conviction, guitars galore etc.) that would be appealing to someone who is attracted to those elements.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any of those elements strong enough.

Ah well.

Thanks anyway, Michael, for increasing my knowledge of pop music by one song.