Song of the day: Who Hit John – "Winslow Winston"

October 25, 2012

The “Four Songs Peter Likes On The Futureman Records Sampler” mini-marathon continues with a song called “Winslow Winston” by Who Hit John. (Yes, that’s the name of the band – and no, I don’t like it either.)

Who Hit John – “Winslow Winston (2012)

I enjoyed “Winslow Winston” but was annoyed by one lyric in it. The lyric that begins the song is:

“Winslow Winston, was he convinced he was the man to play Tarzan up on the silver screen.”

I found that annoying, but only from a rhyming standpoint. (I like the story the song tells.) To me, the ideal rhyme at the beginning would be:

“Winslow Winston, he was convinced and…”

I think “Winston” coupled with “convinced and” are made for each other. Unfortunately, I hear something awkward in “Winston” and “convinced he”.

I can understand if “convinced and” didn’t work for the lyricist. If that was the case, then “convinced in” works just as well – and probably helps the lyricist. (I’m glad I didn’t have to write the words for the song.)

But all of that is trivial. What matters is the song itself. (As Christopher Marlowe may have said: “The song’s the thing”.)

And it’s a song I like.