Song of the day: Led Zeppelin – "Ozone Baby"

November 21, 2011

Today’s song, Led Zeppelin‘s “Ozone Baby“, appears on the band’s 1982 album of outtakes, the not-terribly-well-received Coda. (The general consensus from critics and Led Zeppelin fans is: “It’s rubbish!”)

Leaving aside the relative (non-)merits of the album, I must admit that when I bought Coda in 1982 I bought it for one thing and one thing only: the sound of the bass guitar in this song. If you’re a bass player, you’ll probably know where I’m coming from. If you’re not a bass player, however, then you’re thankfully spared from doing rash things that some bass players (i.e., me) do from time to time (i.e., buy albums only for the sound of a particular musical instrument in one song).

Led Zeppelin – “Ozone Baby (1982)


Listening to it again after a couple of decades of not hearing it (I bought Coda when it came out in 1982), I’d say I don’t like “Ozone Baby” as much as I used to – but I still love that bass sound. And I do like Robert Plant singing “Ooh-ooh”.

Speaking of songs people like solely for the sound of bass guitars in them, as a bonus here’s bass player Chris Squire with some other people:

Yes – “Roundabout (1971)


What a sound.