Musical coincidences # 128

September 25, 2011

I can’t take any credit at all for this coincidence. I discovered it in “Music Weekly: John Lennon remembered“, a podcast aired on The Guardian‘s website last year. In amongst the discussion about John’s legacy, music journalist Alex Petridis talks about Yoko Ono‘s contributions to John’s oeuvre:


“There’s a song on Fly called ‘Mrs. Lennon‘ which, no doubt about it, Alex Chilton from Big Star totally ripped off for ‘Holocaust’ off the third Big Star album – it sounds exactly… it’s exactly the same tune, it’s exactly the same riff, there’s no… he was a Beatles obsessive, he would have heard it.”

Here they are:

Yoko Ono – “Mrs. Lennon (1971)


Big Star – “Holocaust” (1974)