Song of the day: A Fragile Tomorrow – "Kernersville"

September 17, 2012

I received an email from a lovely lady by the name of Loren (Hi, Loren!). The lovely Loren told me about a band called A Fragile Tomorrow. I must admit that I think “A Fragile Tomorrow” would be a better name for an album – specifically a psych-rock album from 1969.

A Fragile Tomorrow is about to release an album called Be Nice Be Careful, and they have a song from it they’d like to you to hear. The song is released on Monday 17 September. Depending on which hemisphere you live in, you’ll either be hearing this song a day before it’s supposed to be released or hearing it when you’re meant to.

Anyway, the song is called “Kernersville”. I don’t know about you, but I reckon that would be a better name for a band than a song. I prefer something like this:

“Here’s a great new band called Kernersville and their latest song, “A Fragile Tomorrow’.”

That makes much more sense to me. Actually, I’ll present the song to you both ways, and you can decide which one you prefer:

A Fragile Tomorrow – “Kernersville (2012)
Kernersville – “A Fragile Tomorrow” (2012)

When I heard the song I immediately thought two things:

  1. What year is this? 1967? That sounds so much like The Byrds circa Younger Than Yesterday.
  2. This should be in mono. This song sounds like it demands to be in mono (alas, it isn’t – it’s in pesky stereo).

Overall, I liked the song. It’s a combination of “60s” and “jangly”, which makes it more than alright by me.

However, I must warn you that I’m about to criticise one aspect of the recording. Everyone associated with the making of “Kernersville” may want to skip the rest of this paragraph. The backing vocals on the song were supplied by two Bangles and a CowsillVicki and Debbi Peterson and Susan Cowsill to be precise. Considering how the Bangles vocalists are held in such high esteem (i.e., they’re power pop goddesses) this may sound sacriligeous, but… to me, those background vocals sound a bit dodgy in places. I could itemise the dodginess, but that would make this a very tedious blog post (and it would probably make a few people unnecessarily angry).

But I did like “Kernersville” – despite the name of the band needing to be the name of the song and vice versa.

Oh, I almost forgot:

“Kernersville” (or “A Fragile Tomorrow” as I prefer) is being released unleashed upon the general public today, Monday September 17. I wanted to posted this on the day it was released, so from where I am in the Southern Hemisphere (South Australia) it is Monday. However, if you’re a Northern Hemispherican you’ll be seeing this on Sunday September 16, the day before you’re supposed to hear it. Scoop!

And one last thing:

The lovely Loren told me that the song is available as a free download. Yay!

Official website