Song of the day: The Radiators – "Comin’ Home"

February 23, 2010

Here’s Australian band The Radiators with a song I tried very very hard not to like (I kept telling myself things like “I don’t like it! It’s too simple! It’s built around one tune! And the singer’s trying to sound like a snotty punk!” etc) until I finally gave in and realised that it’s a horrendously catchy song whether you like it or not:

The Radiators – “Comin’ Home” (1980)


By the way, I’ve just discovered that there’s a band from New Orleans called The Radiators, as well as an Irish band called The Radiators billed as “Philip Chevron’s Irish punk group” but the link to their website didn’t work. Ah, well. But then I found a link to Philip Chevron and learned that he was a member of The Pogues. I also learned that he created two bands with the phrase “The Radiators” in it: The Radiators From Space; and The Radiators (Plan 9). Boy, the Internet can be a time waster…