Song of the day: The Week That Was – "Scratch The Surface"

December 7, 2010

Has this ever happened to you?

You receive a parcel in the post, and it looks very much like something that would have a CD inside. You’re really hoping it’s a CD. You open it up, and indeed it is a CD. Yay! But when you see what CD it is, you’re slightly puzzled. Then you exclaim: “Hang on a minute. I already have that CD! Oh, no. I must have bought a second one.” And that’s when you realise: because of your poor memory, you had purchased a CD at some point in time, and some time later, having completely forgotten you’d bought it, bought another one.”

That happened to me last week when I received The Week That Was, an album by Field Music leader Peter Brewis that he recorded as a side-project in 2008.

Now, because I have two copies of the same album, I’m quite happy to give one to someone who’d like it. (I really like the album, but I can’t listen to both copies at once.)

Just email me, and I’ll whisk it off to you quick smart pronto. (Or even sooner – if I remember.)

Now, if you’re not sure that you actually would like it (and I’m very sure that I don’t want to send you an album you’d end up not playing*), here are three fairly representative tracks from the beastie:

[Track 1]
The Week That Was – “Learn To Learn” (2008)


[Track 5]
The Week That Was – “The Airport Line” (2008)


[Track 8]
The Week That Was – “Scratch The Surface” (2008)


The Week That Was on MySpace

(*Why have an album if you don’t play it?)