Song of the day: Thee Sgt. Major – "New Painter Man"

April 1, 2011

I found a song I like a lot (and would like you to hear) for today’s post but have had a Dickens of a time finding a copy to play you. I first heard the song on NPR’s website but couldn’t find any way to nick the HTML code for their NPR player to embed it here. I finally found a copyable bit of code from the band’s MySpace page and hopefully you’ll be able to hear it trouble-free.

(Note to self: Nobody, but nobody, is interested in reading about any of that. Just play them the song.)

The band is Thee Sgt. Major III and they’re from Seattle. The song is “New Painter Man”. Now, if you’re like me you’d be inclined to believe that, judging by the names of both the band and the song, they’re some sort of hippy-dippy psychedelic outfit. Not so. They’re more, um, er… How about I just let you hear for yourself?

Update: MP3s added to increase your choice of listening pleasure…

Thee Sgt. Major III – “New Painter Man” (2011)



By the way, Thee Sgt. Major III also recorded a sterling cover of “Break It All”:

Thee Sgt. Major III – “Break It All” (2008)



(If the embedded player for “Break It All” didn’t show up for you – it didn’t for me when I first previewed this post but did eventually – you can hear the song here: Maybe Blogger doesn’t like more than one instance of the MySpace player in a post.)

“Break It All” was originally written and recorded by Los Shakers, Uruguay’s premier Beatle-worshippers:

Los Shakers – “Break It All” (1965)