Song of the day: Jo Jo Gunne – "Run Run Run"

May 24, 2011

Of all the hundreds of so-called “classic rock” songs that are considered worthy of being played repeatedly ad nauseam* on FM radio stations, this isn’t one of them:

Jo Jo Gunne – “Run Run Run” (1972)


Why? What’s wrong with it? I think it’s one of those great forgotten songs that, with a bit of airplay, doesn’t have to remain a great forgotten song. (Note to self: you don’t program radio playlists, Peter. Someone else does. That’s one big reason why it’s not played on the radio.)

And while I’m at it, why isn’t this played on radio either? I don’t get FM radio.

Jo Jo Gunne official website

(*”Your favourite songs from the 70s! The 80s! The 90s! And now! And the 80s! As well as the 80s! All the hits! From the 80s!” etc.)