Song of the day: Rob Bonfiglio – "That’s Alright"

March 17, 2011

I think it’s time for a non-Australian artist.

Here’s American Rob Bonfiglio – sorry, I’ll clarify that: his name’s Rob Bonfiglio, not “American Rob Bonfiglio” – with a splendid, splendid piece of bona fide power pop:

Rob Bonfiglio – “That’s Alright” (2008)

Maybe from now on I can call him Rob Bonafide* instead.

That track appears on Rob’s 2008 album, Bring On The Happy. I think it’s well worth buyin’. The album is moderately difficult to find (it took me a while to find it), but currently your best option (you are going to buy it, aren’t you?) is CD Baby where they’re selling it for $8.99. Bargain!

To help you make up your album-buying mind, here’s another track from Bring On The Happy:

Rob Bonfiglio – “What You Need” (2008)

And another one:

Rob Bonfiglio – “Blow Me Away” (2008)

What’s not to like?

CD Baby
Not Lame

(*Note to self: That is a really bad joke, Peter.)