Song of the day: The Tikiyaki Orchestra – "Waikiki Serenade"

November 15, 2011

Yesterday’s musical coincidence involved a band that recorded only one album, After School Special (2000), a bubblegum power pop affair that focuses on high-school teenagers and cars. I’m mentioning this because today’s song was created by the same person who created that bubblegum power pop but a few years later created something entirely different…

That bubblegum power pop album from 2000 was the brainchild of Jim Bacchi. The prodigious Jim has been in a variety of musical escapades. Among a pile of other things, he’s been in: two heavy metal bands (Attilla and Hittman); a pure power pop band (Fuzzbubble); and the aforementioned Teen Machine. Jim has also created music for TV, film, commercials, trailers etc. He’s what I’d describe as A Very Busy Boy.

After all of those rock-focused bands, Jim decided to take a musical right-turn and created a group that plays lounge music. They’re called The Tikiyaki Orchestra, and I just have to play you a track of theirs because it is so unlike Teen Machine:

The Tikiyaki Orchestra – “Waikiki Serenade” (2007)



I do like the exotic sounds of Lounge.

One more? Well, if you insist…

The Tikiyaki Orchestra – “Koko Sufu” (2007)


I’m feeling very relaxed.

Incidentally, both of those tracks came from the band’s debut album, StereoExotique (2007). If you liked that (who wouldn’t?), they released a follow-up of smooth, smooth music in 2009 called Swingin’ Sounds For The Jungle Jetset! and another long-player in 2011, Aloha, Baby!. I can dig it.

What the hey – here’s one from Swingin’ Sounds:

The Tikiyaki Orchestra – “Singapore Swing” (2007)


Love those vibes.

A portrait of the artist as The Tikiyaki Man.
[You can see the rest of the Orchestra here.]

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