Musical coincidences # 189

March 5, 2012

Today’s coincidence is admittedly small potatoes*, and there are probably squillions of songs that start like these two do, but when I heard the first song I immediately thought of the second song. Consequently, they’re the ones that have both ended up here:

HotSocky – “Love’s Sick” (2003) (excerpt)


The Vines – “Ride (2004) (excerpt)


And here are the full versions:

HotSocky – “Love’s Sick” (2003)


The Vines – “Ride (2004)


I want to thank Curty Ray (Hi, Curty!) for allowing me to hear that HotSocky song. I knew nothing about them until I visited Curty Ray’s blog, PowerPop Overdose. As far as I’m concerned, Curty Ray provides a marvellous public service.

(*Or any other weak metaphor you can think of.)