Song of the day: Weather Barn – "Cinnamon Hill"

December 9, 2010

This sure is turning out to be The Week That Other Music Got In The Way.

I was all set to get back to Australian power pop (after the avalanche non-Australian music I’ve played you lately), but before I go back to playing what I think I’m supposed to be playing, I’d like to play you just one more non-Australian thing.

Today I want to play you my new favourite song. It’s by UK band Weather Barn, and I first heard it a couple of days ago*. I’m now finding it difficult to stop playing the little beastie. It sounds to me like a mixture of Glam and ’90s Britpop (e.g., Suede and Blur), and I find it irresistible:

Weather Barn – “Cinnamon Hill” (2010)

“Cinnamon Hill” is the second track on Weather Barn’s 3-track CD single, “Park Hands”, currently available at Bandcamp. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be buying the single as soon as I can stop playing that track.

(Update: I’ve bought the single, but I can’t stop playing that track. I thought that having the single would slow me down, but no: I reach for the “play” button yet again…)

Buy “Park Hands” at Bandcamp (£2.50 – about AUS$4, which is about the same in US moolah)
Weather Barn at Bandcamp
Weather Barn on MySpace
Weather Barn on Facebook

(*Thanks to someone called Lauree.)