Educating Peter # 36

February 24, 2013

A couple of weeks ago for this series Michael suggested a song by American band The Pursuit Of Happiness called “She’s So Young”. I was thrilled, and inwardly shouted “Hallelujah!” (in a non-Christian way).

It’s because, for the first time in ages, Michael had suggested a song by a band I not only knew, but also liked a lot way back in that musically murky decade we call The Eighties.

Back then I really, really liked the band’s best-known song, “I’m An Adult Now”. I thought it was wizzo.

Unfortunately, and as is typical with my memory, “I’m An Adult Now” was the only song of theirs I remembered. “She’s So Young” was a bit of a mystery to me. Because I was interested in the band, I would have been interested in whatever they released. I’m sure I must have heard “She’s So Young” at some time. But I didn’t remember it at all.

Ah well. As I said to a friend the other day, one of the advantages of a poor memory is that you get to hear something for the first time more than once.

And so, with memory askew, let us rediscover something I probably heard in 1988:

The Pursuit Of Happiness – “She’s So Young” (1988)


0:00-0:30 – I think I remember this. Maybe.

What’s unusual for me about this opening verse is that it doesn’t sound like a verse. With its jazzy chords, it sounds more like a middle eight, and as I listen to it I’m convinced the band has started this song with the middle eight.

0:30-0:59 – Nope. I still don’t remember it.

Those background vocals at 0:33-0:34 are lovely. And there they are again at 0:47-0:48. Lovely.

Come to think of it, this section sounds like a middle eight as well. Whatever it is, it’s catchy.

(Note to self: It’s the chorus, Peter. Choruses are supposed to be catchy.)

0:59-1:28 – Another middle eight verse. Nothing to mention here, because I’m sitting back and enjoying it, not noticing little things that might annoy me. (“It’s not annoying me.” How’s that for damning with faint praise?)

1:28-1:57 – Another chorus, with an enjoyable bass line from the bass player. Thanks, bass player! And sorry about not noticing the bass line when you played it in the first chorus.

1:57-2:29 – A flanged guitar solo – as a lot of guitar solos were in the 1980s. (Producers sure did love sound effects in the ’80s.) It’s not fancy or anything, so there’s not much for me to say about it.

2:29-3:36 – Another chorus (or two, because we’re getting to the end of the song).

At 2:56 there’s a fancy guitar chord, and that signals a repeat of the chorus. OK. Two choruses at the end of the song. I’m fine with that. Because this song is very pleasant, I’m guessing it’s going to fade out very slowly.

3:34-3:36 –Nope. It didn’t fade slowly. At 3:34-3:26 the band played a couple of jazzy chords, and then they all stopped.

3:37 – The band’s not playing anymore, because they all stopped.


I can’t let this post go without playing you “I’m An Adult Now”, the one song by The Pursuit Of Happiness that I remember. I must admit that I don’t think it’s as monumentally fabulous as I did way back when I first heard it, but I’ve enjoyed hearing it again after all these decades.

The Pursuit Of Happiness – “She’s So Young” (1988)


The Pursuit Of Happiness – “She’s So Young” (original version) (1986)



By the way, when Michael suggested “She’s So Young”, I didn’t remember the song he had chosen. I immediately remembered this instead:

Myracle Brah – “She’s So Young (1998)

    I think that is a great, great song. Why did I remember that “She’s So Young” but not the other one?

(I know why: because I think the Myracle Brah song is magnificent, and magnificent songs tend to stay in my head.)