Song of the day: Jackdaw4 – "Why Don’t You Come And See Me When She’s Not Around?"

June 5, 2013

Über-theatrical (think Queen on amphetamines) British rock band Jackdaw4 have released an album, Dissecticide, and decided they’re not going to be a band anymore.

(They’ve decided not to be anything else, either. In other words, they’re breaking up.)

So, from Jackdaw4’s possibly* final album here is a hyperactive song that won’t sit still:

Jackdaw4 – “Why Don’t You Come And See Me When She’s Not Around?” (2013)

(*You never can tell. They may end up being yet another band in the alarmingly long list of bands that had apparently broken up for good but have reformed for one reason or another – e.g., money, lack of current fame, money, no longer hating former band members, money, money, or money.)

Song of the day: Jackdaw4 – "This Is Your Life"

May 6, 2010

I was going to play you another Australian song today (well, this is supposed to be an Australian power pop blog), but I’ve been listening to the double-CD compilation Retrospectacles* (2009) by British band Jackdaw4 a lot recently, and just realised that I haven’t played you any of their songs. (Note to self: Bad, Peter, bad.)

So, from their first album, Gramophone Logic (2004):

Jackdaw4 – “This Is Your Life” (2004)
Link Jackdaw4 – “The Day I Wrote The Book” (2004) Link And from Bipolar Diversions (2007): Jackdaw4 – “SOOMA (All This Vision)” (2007) Link Jackdaw4 – “Frobisher’s Last Stand” (2007) Link Official websiteJackdaw4’s blogJackdaw4 on MySpaceJackdaw4 on FacebookJackdaw4 on YouTubeJackdaw4 on TwitterJackdaw4 on BandcampJackdaw4 on ReverbNationJackdaw4 on iLikeJackdaw4 on iTunes(They’re everywhere!) Willie Dowling’s official website (Willie is Jackdaw4’s chief songwriter) (*The double-CD was an incredible bargain: it gathered up Bipolar Diversions and Gramophone Logic, added bonus tracks, and I bought it for about $10. The album is still available at Big Bridge Distribution, and the price is a still-paltry £6.50 – which converts to AU$10.73 or US$9.92. No matter where you’re from, that’s a bargain.)