Song of the day: Normie Rowe – "Hello"

Here’s Australian 1960’s heartthrob* Normie Rowe with a song that some people might call “cheesy”, or “kitsch”, or “outdated”. I call it “hummable”:

Normie Rowe – “Hello” (1970)


Update: I’ve just discovered that the MP3 of “Hello” is sped-up, thereby causing Normie to sound like someone other than Normie (e.g., Davy Jones**). Here it is at the proper speed:

(*Normie was one of many. In Australia, as in other countries around the world, there were plenty to go around.)

(**Thanks to Curty Ray for pointing that out.)


9 Responses to Song of the day: Normie Rowe – "Hello"

  1. fitzall says:

    Thanks Peter. Had forgotten all about this one. Guess I'll slot it in after 'Penelope' but before 'Elizabeth'

  2. Curty Ray says:

    Kinda like the Australian version of Davy Jones. Ya gotta love that red suit though. Thanks for sharing this little guilty pleasure.

  3. Peter says:

    Hey, fitzall: I haven't heard “Penelope” or “Elizabeth”. I found “Hello” on an old Australian K-Tel-esque compilation album. Because I enjoyed “Hello”, I think it might investigate those other songs from Normie. Thanks, fitzall!

    PS: I hope people haven't given you the nickname “One Size”.

  4. Peter says:

    Hey, Curty Ray:

    Davy Jones? I hadn't thought of that. If Normie had been more of a Cockney cheeky chappy, I'd agree completely.

    The red suit? Yep, a blinding piece of sartorial elegance.

    Guilty pleasure? Indubitably. If you like a bit of cheese in your music, I reckon I can rustle up some more tasty delights.

  5. stonefish55 says:

    Peter – MEMORY REFRESHER time old friend ….

    I've previously posted “Elizabeth” and you made a couple of comments, so you've most definitely heard it at least once before.

    I'm with fitzall – almost – I think I'd have “Elizabeth” listed as my fave Normie track, but he did so many wonderful songs, that a lot of others come very close seconds.

  6. Peter says:

    Thanks, Stoney. I scooted on over to your “Elizabeth” post, and as soon as I played that song it all came back to me. Huzzah!

    Incidentally, I'd have to take your word for it about Normie having many wonderful songs. I only have nine (including “Hello, but not including “Elizabeth” or “Penelope”).

    If you have any more Normie Rowe hiding in your music collection would you mind sending me some?

    Yours thanksalotously,


  7. stonefish55 says:

    Mate – I think I could help you out with that little request. I do have a few Normie albums, but maybe if I send you the double cd, “Necessarily So … The Definitive Collection,” then you'd have a few more songs to judge your like meter on. BUT – if it's not likely to include “Elizabeth,” then I'm afraid I'm probably doing it all for nothing – you must have a missing gene to not like that track.

  8. Peter says:

    Hey, Curty Ray: Now I know why you mentioned Davy Jones. I've had another listen to “Hello” and Normie does indeed sound like Davy Jones here.

    I've just discovered that the MP3 of “Hello” I posted is slightly sped up. The song at the proper speed can be heard here. The sped-up version came from one of those early-70's compilations, the kind that engaged in the nefarious practice of increasing the speed of songs, or truncating them — or both — in order to fit 10 songs per side.

  9. Peter says:

    Thanks for yer help, Mr. Stonegénéreux. (I just checked my inbox.) And I found some other Normie tunes elsewhere. And thanks to the helpfulness of others (you know who you are), I now have a hefty collection of Normieness. Thanks one and all!

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